Does your business need a virtual reception?


Virtual receptions have changed the way that businesses in the UK operate. Despite this, most new businesses are unaware of their benefits, features, cost and whether they are a good fit for every business. To remedy this, we will highlight these points and hopefully give you a greater idea whether these services could support the growth of your business.


How to know if you’re in need of a call answering service

  1. Your team are regularly on the phone and miss inbound calls as a result
  2. You do not have the ability to handle calls 24/7
  3. Your team are distracted from their main tasks because they need to handle calls
  4. Non-client-facing staff are answering calls from your customers
  5. Your team get interrupted by sales and nuisance callers
  6. You have no staff trained and experienced with handling calls
  7. Calls may be answered in a noisy


Why you might invest in an answering service

How much is a missed lead worth? Simply, an unanswered or poorly handled call can cost you that next sale. You could delegate the task to your most competent team member, but is that why you hired them? Is answering calls the best use of their time and talent? And will they like this responsibility? These are all questions that need to be addressed. 

For many, the decision is clear. Hiring someone as a full-time receptionist is costly, especially when you consider you can have your own virtual reception from £10 per month. For that, you get a trained, experienced reception team who will answer your calls with your company name, follow your script, filter unwanted calls, share call and caller details, and even forward important calls to designated team members.


How do I learn more?

There are a number of call answering services you can set up. From call overflow support to full-time virtual reception services. And all can be set up in a matter of minutes. To understand more, and what solution would be there best for your business visit our call answering services page or call us on 0161 854 0669.