How do I get a virtual address for my business?


Many small business owners don’t want to use their home address as their business address. For some it’s just to keep the two separate from each other, for others it’s a way to save on the cost of renting office space, and a whole host of other reasons.  Whatever your reasoning, a virtual office could be the solution, allowing you to present a trustworthy and professional looking business address; and it’s probably more affordable than you think.

So, what exactly is a virtual office address and what are the benefits of using one?  Well, a business needs an address for credibility and for receiving mail. And in the absence of an actual office space, a virtual office affords you a real, physical location, and it provides a range of services to assist you in operating smoothly and efficiently.

If you’re thinking of getting a virtual office address, the advice that follows should help get your business looking ultra-professional in no time at all.


Finding the right Virtual Office

It goes without saying that it’s important to find a reputable virtual office provider in a desirable location – after all that’s part of what you’re paying for. But you should also consider the ancillary services on offer. These services often include virtual receptionists, meeting rooms, and other business growth services. It’s important to think carefully about which ones might benefit you in ensuring a professional outlook for your business and in making sure your time and energy is focused on your core business.

And think about the price too as you’re most likely using a virtual office to save money compared with leasing office space so there’s no point paying over the odds.


Choosing a Virtual Address

You don’t want to use your home address but neither do you want to have it in some remote location. Aim for somewhere in the centre of a city where your target market are. Another consideration is if you intend to pick up your post in person, have it scanned and emailed to you or forwarded on to another address. If you intend to pick it up, think about the travelling time. Your virtual address shouldn’t be too far from home unless there’s a very good reason. To get the most out of your investment in a virtual office you’ll want somewhere on a high street or a business park. We have virtual offices in Manchester, virtual offices in London, virtual offices in Birmingham, virtual offices in Bristol, virtual offices in Glasgow and virtual offices in Liverpool.


Select Your Additional Services

Check out which services are on offer in addition to the virtual offices. Services can include mail scanning, mail pick up, virtual receptionists, call diverts, and more.

Consider the features you think you’ll need, as many of them provide great value and can give you large discounts when bought as a package.  

Be sure not to go with a provider that has setup fees or ties you into a long-term contract. A virtual office should be a flexible option that you can adapt to your changing circumstances.